June 25, 2019:

We are happy to welcome Keely Perry to our lab as an undergraduate student. Welcome Keely.

June 19, 2019:

We are thrilled to welcome a youth summer fellowship student to the lab. Clara Yi  we are happy to have you.

June 16, 2019:

Our student Alyssa Perry graduated from UCI, we are thrilled for you Alyssa. And look forward to hearing what the future has in store for you. Thanks for all your help!

May 31, 2019:

Check out the V Foundation blog post on Selma Masri. 

May 30, 2019:

Check out Amandine and Selma’s latest review in Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism on Circadian Clocks and Cancer. See more on the publications page. 

December 6, 2018:

Check out our latest review in Nature Medicine on Cancer, Metabolism and the Clock. See more on the publications page. 

November 1, 2018: 

Selma is named a V Foundation Scholar!

September 10, 2018:

We are pleased to welcome a new rotating graduate student to the lab. Welcome Alan Ly!

September 4, 2018:

We are pleased to welcome a new visiting scholar to the lab. Welcome Zhongyuan Wang! Zhongyuan is also a China Scholarship Council (CSC) Fellow.

September 1, 2018:

The Masri lab is awarded a Conquer Cancer Now Award from the Concern Foundation!

July 2, 2018:

Amandine receives the Hitachi Nomura Postdoctoral Fellowship!

July 1, 2018:

We are pleased to welcome two new postdoctoral fellows to the lab. Welcome Amandine Verlande and Lu Tian!

December 1, 2017:

Selma is awarded a K22 Career Development Award from NIH/NCI